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Powered by AI, backed by exceptional people

Whatever the project, whatever the scale, we source high-quality experts for your projects. Focus your time where it matters – on making great decisions.

AI with a
human heartbeat

Our highly trained account managers don't just source experts. They combine a wealth of industry knowledge with market-leading AI to deliver the perfect match.


This hybrid approach connects you with the smartest people faster

Exceptional people make 
exceptional partners

Our team is built on the following principles:


Creative autonomy


Our leaders are given the freedom and flexibility to succeed.

Continuous development


We believe in continuous training of our team. From initial onboarding to manager training, we believe that well-trained teams become your thought partners.

Performance culture


We track metrics including project NPS and individual expert ratings, constantly challenging our teams to deliver even better than before.


The industry’s most advanced technology

Our market-leading technology and network goes well beyond basic knowledge graphs and keyword matching. We enrich data from multiple sources and our advanced SearchAI understands what it means.

This approach allows us sources and filters experts that fit your project brief more accurately than traditional workflows.

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